Kerry’s Boutique

Welcome to our online store which features fashion and accessories for all. 100% of the profits are used to provide grief and loss supports to children and families all across Canada through the award-winning bereavement programs of Lumara: Home of Camp Kerry.

About Us

Kerry’s Boutique – a social enterprise of Lumara Grief & Bereavement Care Society – was initially established in the summer of 2014 in New Westminster, British Columbia. Five years later, the Society made the difficult decision to close its bricks and mortar location due to the increasing costs of real estate.

Since closing our doors, demand for Camp Kerry swag has continued. Each item purchased from Kerry’s Boutique is truly a gift that keeps on giving – 100% of the profits generated will be used to fund the Society’s bereavement programs for individuals and families all across Canada!

Show Us Your Style

Most of the items we carry come in an assortment of colours and options. Shop around and put together a collection of items that best suite your style.

Once you receive your items feel free to send us a few pictures featuring you with your swag and the hashtag #SupportingLifeAfterLoss – your picture could be featured next in our store!



Shop the Swag

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, these are gifts that truly do keep on giving. All profits raised will be used to support people impacted by serious illness, grief and loss.

Supporting Life After Loss

Thanks for coming! If you bought something, then cheers to you for parting ways with your hard-earned dollars. Everytime you wear your Camp Kerry swag, or show off one of your accessories you help us spread the word to others about the compassionate community which is at the very foundation of our organization. With our gear, you have an opportunity to be an ambassador, to reach out to others who don’t know about the grief supports we offer across Canada, and support life after loss.

Merci beaucoup!